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What is the Partnerships Database?

The Nourish International Partnerships Database is intended to be a searchable collection of international grass-roots organizations with whom Nourish chapters currently partner, or with whom they have partnered in the recent past.

The database is searchable and contains postings on potential partner organizations across the globe, with information on the sustainable, community-based projects they collaborate on with Nourish interns.

Nourish staff created the Partnerships Database to support chapters in the first phase of the international projects process, search and selection. International Partnerships Directors are encouraged to use this database as a resource when considering your chapter’s priorities for partnership, and to help inform your preferences on the Potential Partner Preference Survey.

Any updates or changes to be added to the Partnerships Database can be sent to

If another Nourish chapter has contacted or worked with an organization in the past, we recommend contacting that chapter to hear more about their experience and their plans for any future partnerships before contacting the organization directly. You can reach out to other chapters through Nourish HQ.